Six Months Old

Is it really possible that six months have already gone by since my littlest boy was born? I can remember it all like it was yesterday..


Despite having company over, I went to bed early the night before he was born because I was sure that I was going into labor. Steady cramps came across my belly but never seemed to keep pace with each other. I tried to count them, time them, keep track of when they woke me up and when I feel asleep through one. In the morning they were still there, still cramping up my belly. That’s when I knew that I was in labor.

We gathered our things and I put on some make-up, foolishly thinking that this time I would nice and done up in my post birthing pictures. When we arrived at the hospital he was still in there pretty good and we walked lap after lap around the maternity ward before they broke my water and sped things up. Hours later, I cried and begged for something I never thought that I would ever want, a needle to the spine. I’ve forgotten the pain but I can still remember the exact feeling of relief that washed over me when the drugs kicked in. Little miss barely takes ibuprofen was all doped up on a cocktail of things, the anti-nausea, anti-sleepy, nubain, the epidural itself and then pitosin because my contractions stopped after the epidural went in. Holy moly! I was feeling it!

Then he was out and he was perfect. 

He didn’t cry or fuss when he was hungry or tired, just delicate little noises came out. He slept well (most of the time) and loved to be held and cuddled. He enjoyed to hear the sound of your voice, whether you were just talking to him or singing him a song. Even though he was the biggest one I had, at 8lbs 13oz, he still seemed so positively tiny to me.

Six months later.

  • Little man is very obviously teething and the doctor said that his bottom teeth should be here in no time.
  • He has already been sitting up by himself for about a month now.
  • He still loves to hear us sing, Fly Me To The Moon appears to be his favorite.
  • Baby food is still a tough sell. He doesn’t like carrots, beans, baby cereal or bananas at all and acts absolutely disgusted by the taste and/or texture of the stuff.
  • He rocks himself in his basket, in the high chair and on people’s laps.
  • Both big brothers adore him! They kiss him often and are always trying to keep him happy by giving him toys or covering him with blankets.
  • Big man has nearly tripled his birth weight at a whopping twenty pounds already and is extremely tall for his age (his feet are enormous too). In the doctor’s words, “I grow them big.”

We’re half way to one and as much as I would love for him to be my little baby forever, I can’t wait to watch him grow and learn new things. I’ve already started to plan out his first birthday and I’ll be starting all my crafts soon enough.

I can’t believe how fast the time is going.

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