I feel like I’ve talked about this way too much but I just can’t help myself.

On a regular basis I buy hand soaps, dish soap, body wash and other items from The Honest Company. After buying and loving everything that I’ve bought I started to expand into different things (toothpaste, conditioner, you know.. stuff). The other day I placed a pretty usual order with a couple new doodads.

Baby A has been stuffing everything he can get his hands on into his mouth, so I looked on their “gear” page and found an adorable butterfly shaped teether. For a sometimes pricey company I was surprised to find that it was under $4.00 and immediately added it to my cart along side my soaps and tamps. At checkout I was met with a decision to spend $11.95 in shipping or add another $11.35 worth of things to my cart. Duh! That’s a no brainer. The Honest Company sells bubble bath, which is the new fad around the house with Baby M, so I threw the “Calming Lavender” bubble bath into the cart too.

Then came the wait and I’m such an impatient person. Everything arrived yesterday and to me that’s like Christmas. I tore into the box, setting soaps and boring things aside so that I could get to the teether. I unwrapped it and handed it right over to Baby A, who grabbed it instinctively and shoved the corner into his mouth. He’s been chomping on it ever since, which is more than I can say for the $25.00 teether he wanted nothing to do with. Next I alerted Baby M that as soon as he finished painting it would be bubble bath time and I gathered some dinosaurs from his room to make it a little more fun. He slipped into the bubbles and stayed there for at least half an hour playing and enjoying a much awaited soak. Then, for the second time yesterday, a very sticky Baby J required a bath and I filled the tub. It takes a surprisingly small amount of their soap to fill the tub with bubbles which is excellent.

Both boys loved their bath, which is perfectly good to me since it came with The Honest Guarantee to be made without unsafe chemicals. They’re an eco friendly company who keep dangerous chemicals and chemical compounds out of their products and that’s right up mum alley. I can’t recommend this company enough. I know upon first sight, if you’re not used to buying all natural products, they seem expensive but everything lasts a long time around my house and with daily mountains of dishes and with dozens of showers and baths each week it’s pretty impressive how long I can go between orders.

If you’re interested in giving them a go but not sure about making a commitment to the company they also offer free trials!

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