Thyme For A New Cleaner

It wasn’t long ago that I discovered what a great natural disinfectant sage is. I made sage infused vinegar by soaking fresh sage in white distilled vinegar for two entire weeks. This time around I decided to make first and research after.


(Thyme, left. Rosemary, right).

I purchased a small bunch of fresh herbs from the store and really only needed a few sprigs of the thyme which left me with a surplus of that and rosemary. I figured that at the very least I would add another layer of scent to my cleaner by infusing some vinegar with them. Turns out both have some amazing cleaning properties. The sage infused vinegar had to sit and stew for two weeks before use so I plan to follow the same timeline with these.


When I was researching if thyme had any actual cleaning powers I came across something that mentioned thyme and tea tree oil being a cleaning combo that can pack a serious punch. As it just so happens I have tea tree oil already because it’s great for keeping bugs away, so I’ll be mixing the two together for this one. Tea tree oil works against mold and mildew and has antibacterial properties which makes it a great cleaner for all over the house.


  • 1 cup thyme infused vinegar.
  • 1/3 cup water.
  • 10 drops tea tree oil.


Apparently rosemary has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties which makes it a triple threat against some little nasties that may be hiding in tough to reach places in the bathroom or kitchen. I’m going to add some lemon juice to this one because the two scents play very well together and I happen to have lemon juice on hand, plus I don’t want to over power the rosemary scent with something else.


  • 1 cup rosemary infused vinegar.
  • 1/3 cup water.
  • 5 tablespoons lemon juice.

These cleaners aren’t something that I think I’ll be making often, but they last a while around the house so by the time both of these run out I might just have some fresh herbs on hand to make some more. In fact, I still have some of the sage disinfectant that I made a couple months ago so I’m about to have quite the stock pile of all natural  cleaners around the house.

Not only are all natural cleaners non-toxic, they’re also less expensive, smell delicious and are environmentally friendly. It’s my personal belief that things that are friendly to humans and nature are as good as it gets. 

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