Go To Bed, Mum

It is so late and I am wide awake because there is so much on my mind. Now including: how I thought that at this age and with three children I would cherish my sleep and go to bed when they doze off, but I never do.

Fall is just around the corner which means all kinds of wonderful things are coming my way. Soon I’ll get out the winter gear and cuddly clothes, our fireplace will be glowing and baked goodies will almost always be in full supply. It’s hard to resist the charms of changing leaves and football on the TV. Why can’t it just be fall all year round?!

Speaking of baked goodies, did someone dare me to make homemade cheese crackers?

I just saw something on Facebook today explaining how one of the preservatives in Cheez-Its is basically butane or something and while TBHQ is different from butane it still made me question if I really want to buy them anymore. Preservatives are so bad for you and unnecessary if you can work your pantry right. I dream of the day where I have shelves full of homemade and home-canned sauces, soups, jams and vegetables. Now if I can just make some room on my dream shelves for some dehydrated snacks and DIY cheese crackers things would be perfect. So I bought the supplies tonight and will be attempting some with a recipe I found on Pinterest (hopefully tomorrow), we’ll see what happens from there. I also want to try making homemade gummies and fruit roll ups soon, made sure to stock up on the ingredients for that tonight too.

Hey, what else did you buy at the grocery store? How kind of you to ask, I also bought pie ingredients and all the stuff you need for some good ol’ hearty autumn meals. Not positive if I mentioned it yet but I am super excited for fall. Plus, I’ve been buying those frozen juice concentrates lately. They’re convenient, take up very little freezer space and are not stored in one time use plastic which makes them more eco friendly than traditional juice jugs.

I have such a scatter brain right now, I shouldn’t even be writing. Instead I should be reading my book! I started reading the Peculiar Children series by Ransom Riggs since the movie is due to come out soon and it looked quite interesting. I flew through the first book in a matter of just a few nights because of how deeply it holds my attention. I found myself awake until two in the morning one night and had to force myself to put the kindle down. Another night I woke up around two and realized that I’d forgotten to shut down my kindle all the way, so I picked it up to turn it off and ended up reading the book practically mid-sleep. And now all I can think about is where I left off in it…

Well then, I’m going to reas my story. Everyone have an excellent evening and a wonderful Wednesday! 

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