Baby Food (Zucchini & Peas)

I made zucchini baby food last February for Baby J and it went over pretty well but I had to thicken it with baby cereal in order to make it the right consistency since zucchini holds a lot of water.  Today I decided to thicken it up with peas instead and it totally worked.

If you aren’t too sure about mixing your veggies just yet, visit my page Baby Food (Zucchini) and give that a go before you try out this one. The concept of preparation is just about the same too, so once you get one down the other is just as easy.

What you need:

  • A steamer.
  • A blender.
  • Storage containers.
  • Two large zucchinis.
  • One cup of frozen peas.

The whole process is pretty easy. Wash your zucchinis in the sink,DSCN1861 (1) then peel off any damage to the outer skin and give them a quick chop so that everything is uniform and will cook quickly. Once you have your zucchini cut up place them into the steamer and pour your peas over the top and allow everything to cook together for about fifteen minutes.

Once you have your vegetables steamed you can place them into your blender. There is no need to add anything to this recipe because the zucchini will add enough liquid to let it all blend easily. (If you would like to add more peas than just the one cup, you may need to add a little bit of water into the blender as you go).

This can be kept frozen much longer than it can hold up in the refrigerator, so I always recommend freezing your baby food. You can buy small Ziploc storage containers that are freezer friendly just about anywhere. This recipe makes eight containers of baby food.

Bon appétit!!!

DSCN1864 (1)

If you and your baby like this recipe and you want try out some more baby food ideas, visit my Homemade Baby Food page and give it a go! Baby food is surprisingly easy to make at home and making it yourself gives you the freedom to let your child try more with the security of knowing it’s exactly what you want.

Please remember that it is always best for baby to try all of the ingredients before combining them to help you detect any allergies he or she might have.

Questions? Comments? Leave them for me below!

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