Jibber Jabber

It’s a wonder that I’m not sleep walking.

Taking a little break from reading and writing about my little book project today and spending that time on watching Shameless instead. We lost the booger ball, which is what we call the bulb syringe, and Baby A had a nose full of snot at 5:20 AM that had him up and unwilling to go back to sleep. That being said, my day started earlier than I  had planned on.

I made some apple chips and some dehydrated blueberries yesterday which are surprisingly delicious and almost candy like. Apparently I’m the only one who will be eating them though, I put some dehydrated blueberries on my four year old’s lunch plate and he told me he wasn’t interested because “they’re poop colored.” Plus I’ve finally mastered the apple chip (I’m really excited about it even though it’s a little lame). Dehydrating fruits and vegetables might be my new fun home project, there’s so many neat things you can make.

Baby A

It’s also going to be time soon for Baby A to start solids and the excitement is real. I get to revisit my Homemade Baby Food page and add even more crazy concoctions onto it. In the past it seemed like whenever I got stuck into the habit of making the same things, a quick trip down the baby food aisle would give me some more inspiration on new foods to introduce. Our local farmers are all up and at ’em with fresh produce right now too, so I think I’ll stock up and freeze what I can while it’s all local.

New purchase alert! 71OGybp6dNL._SY355_
I bought a big boy seat for my littlest man so that he can start sitting up more often on his own. The plan was to buy a Bumbo but I found that there are a lot of different options for baby seats and I went with the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Seat (which I am just calling “an almost bumbo” because it’s shorter). It’s really cute and both the tray and foam cushion are removable so it’s easier to clean and can fit a child up to 50 pounds! Baby A lit up with joy the first time we put him in the seat. He is always smiling and laughing about something.

Baby J

Oh, sweet child of mine… My medium monster is growing at such a rapid pace that he will surely be the size of his four year old brother in absolutely no time at all. He’s also much more of a trouble maker and fight starter than his older brother ever was which inspires some pretty hefty backlashes from Baby M. He’s what I would like to call “a wild thing” because he isn’t a bad boy, there’s just no settling him down until he passes out.

Take the other day for example. He was having breakfast and I had just laid down on the couch for a moment. (I usually start my day by collecting laundry, doing dishes, washing bottles, making breakfast and then crash landing on the couch for a few minutes while my coffee brews). Anyhow, Baby J had a banana and was chomping away at his breakfast when all of a sudden BAM! I get smacked in the forehead with a piece of banana that then exploded all over my face and hair. Of course I couldn’t stop myself from laughing about it which makes the little monster think that it’s acceptable behavior. Probably the way he thinks it’s okay to chase his older brother with things and laugh when he flinches away from being hit with them… Oy.

On a much more positive note he’s learned how to give kisses and will even accept a short cuddle session and a hug every now and then. (He’s never been a cuddle bug). And on top of that he’s learning new words and new sounds that he says with such conviction that they must be words to him. Every morning he says something along the lines of “bun-ow” in the midst of his jibber jabber, so I think that might be hello or good morning? Most of what he knows are just short orders though so maybe he’s asking for something. He’s mastered the “I wants” along with juice, shoes, bye and some other random things.

Baby M

Last but not least, my tantrum thrower. The color chart is still working but is slightly less effective at times so I’ve brought naps back for bad days only right now. Maybe we’ll ease our way back into a daily nap and see if that corrects the rest of the issue.

He’s starting school this year too! Which is now just around the corner and I’m getting more excited about it as the days go by. I can’t wait to drop him off and tell him to have a great day and then go home to have a little break myself. Then when I pick him back up later on I get to hear about all of the wonderful things he did all day long. He loves to tell stories and share things with people so I think he’s going to love having something new to talk about with everyone.

As for me, I’m trying to keep my head screwed on in the right direction lately. The boys fighting, the tantrums, Baby A suddenly being fussy for the first time ever (three days in a row). Plus the daily mountain of housework and the struggle of trying to be a perfect fucking mom.

Maybe I shouldn’t have taken a break from my book after all…

Back to trying to “not sweat the small stuff” tomorrow.

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