Chapter Three: Keep In Mind

Cheers to the third chapter. 

Keep In Mind That A Happy Spouse Is A Helping Spouse

Sounds like bribery to me…

I feel like my boyfriend and I are pretty good at scratching each other’s backs on a daily basis. No matter whats going on we’re almost always helping each other out, of course there are times where one of us is having an off day and the other carries a little more of the load but it’s regularly pretty even.

This chapter brought something up that I hadn’t even considered before:

Your spouse is your partner. Ideally, you’d treat your partner as you would your best friend. If your best friend, for example, said to you, “I would love to get away by myself for a few days,” what would you say? In most cases, you’d probably come back with something like, “That sounds great. You deserve it. You should do it.” But if your spouse said exactly the same thing, would your reaction be the same? Or would you think about how his or her request would affect you? Would you feel put out, defensive, or resentful? Is a good friend more concerned with himself or herself, or with the happiness of the other person?

I had never really considered things that way. Obviously we sometimes have a little bit of time apart to do something that the other one isn’t interested in or whatever but I have felt a little hurt before when not included into something (even if it was by choice). Sometimes I think I don’t realize how small a situation is before I react to it and I think that it’s important for me to remind myself now that even people in love need to do their own thing sometimes to stay happy.

The chapter goes on to say that a happy spouse is more likely to help you around the house or with yard work because, just like with friends, you’re willing to try to keep someone happy when they need you if they do the same in return. It also says to remind your significant other that you appreciate them and you love them, easy little things that are important to remember and sometimes easy to forget.

I’m liking this little book more than I really thought that I would. Just in case you missed it before or want a shortcut to check it out, it’s Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff With Your Family by: Richard Carlson, PH. D.

Next up is Chapter Four: Learn From Kids As They Live In The Moment

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