Chapter Two: An Extra Ten Minutes

I thought this chapter would be about how to take time for yourself but I was mistaken (hopefully that chapter is somewhere in the near future). Anyhow, this “extra ten minutes” is for getting ready to go somewhere.

Remember how I said Chapter One had mentioned that rushing around can add some serious stress to the day? Well, thats totally true for me. Rushing to work, the doctor, the store, a family get together; whatever the occasion I’m always running behind. Not just because I’m not great at managing time but also because I have three children to get ready and they don’t always cooperate.

Chapter Two: Give Yourself An Extra Ten Minutes

This chapter focuses on getting ready to go somewhere or do something. Starting to get everything together to leave and getting yourself 100% ready before making a detour to clean up a mess or something sounds like good information. I’m always trying to get everyone ready at once while also preparing the house for us to leave. Literally, I prepare the house by picking up small messes, resetting the couch pillows and checking what lights are on for the dog or what’s been left plugged in unnecessarily. Time to cut out the house crap and stick to getting ready the sane way which means focusing first on making sure that I am ready a little early and letting everything find it’s place from there.

Sounds good in writing but I’m sure I will probably still be late for the next obligation I have.

Worth a try at least.

Next up is Keep In Mind That A Happy Spouse Is A Helping Spouse.

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