Coffee and a Cupcake

I am twenty-four.

Where is the inspiration?

Am I too old to function now?

All day long on my birthday I kept telling people that I was twenty-four but I still felt like a young thirty-six, most people laughed but I don’t think they understood the sincerity. I have three children, a boyfriend, a dog, an apartment and bills to pay. Most kids my age are still kids (some with student loan debt and some squatting in their parent’s basements) the vast majority of them don’t carry so much responsibility.

I read a book a while back titled The Defining Decade about how you should make the most out of your twenties. It goes on about how a lot of people treat their twenties like an extension of their teens and live their thirty years as if they are still in their twenties. Then they hit the brick wall and realize that forty is still forty no matter how young you thought you were at thirty-nine. It’s a good book. I didn’t finish it and I think I probably should have, there are likely to be some lessons between the pages for me. But telling me that I should seek a life partner, get a career and maybe start a family at my age is pointless because I’m already there.

What I really need is a book on how to grow down.

Take it easy,

as The Dude says.

There’s so many life decisions at this age, especially for a parent, I can’t help but feel like my boyfriend and I are playing house. We work, we pay for things, keep things clean and care for our children but I can’t silence the little voice inside of me that says, “WOW, you’re really a mom. You are really raising three kids.” 

I think I’m doing okay so far. No one has had the mumps or broken a bone. Everyone is well fed and their pits don’t stink. They have toys and get plenty of attention. Hell, my four year old is starting school this year and he’s not just prepared he’s excited about it! And right now, as I write this I am taking a break from putting four hundred pictures of my kids into photo albums…

I’m twenty four and I celebrated my birthday by having a cupcake for breakfast before I did my regular run about of laundry and dishes. My boyfriend’s mother and aunt took the boys to the park so I could get some alone time. And I capped off my day with a delicious dinner at my parents house with my family.

If I could do it over I would only change my birthday wish… I would wish for all three boys to wake up potty trained because man oh man, how wonderful would it be to wake up and only be responsible for wiping your own ass. Ha!

I’m twenty four and I’m happy with everything that I have.


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