DIY Canvas Shopping Bags

Make reducing your waste more fun with these adorable DIY shopping bags. It’s a fun and friendly crafts for the entire family to get involved with.

Reduce, reuse, recycle and paint yourself some extra adorable shopping bags.

Have your kitchen cupboards and your refrigerator ever been so bare that you find yourself actually taking suggestions from your four year old as to what you can put on his sandwich? Thanks to the whole Homemade Peanut Butter glitch, we were out of the PB with a whole bunch of & J. After making a Nutella and grape jelly sandwich (which was apparently delicious) I knew that grocery shopping had to happen. Lucky me I had these cutesy new bags to take along with me. I was also excited to try out a new grocery store since I learned that a local place had gone all organic and banned countless nasty chemicals from their products.

Me being me, I forgot the canvas bags and had to pull a U-turn. I was honestly a little bit surprised by the fact that none of my bags broke under the weight of canned goods and despite being loaded up with produce and meats. The bags are about the same size as the plastics they’re replacing but are stronger and don’t feel like they’re cutting into your arm when you carry five to the door at a time.

Plus they’re adorable. The first bag that I painted was the produce one and then I realized what a pain it would be to organize my groceries every time I went, so it’s my only labeled bag. I also wanted the freedom to use these as beach bags which is why I painted up some popsicles, flowers, and buzzing bees.

My son’s first bag wound up being a couple puddles of paint but he spread out his colors on bag number two. He was so happy to see them being used yesterday.

DSCN1637 (1)

I think I may have to order more grocery bags soon though. Last night the juices, milk, bread and eggs were left loose instead of bagged up because I was a couple bags shy of enough. If more get purchased in the future I was thinking of stamping them or maybe doing a dip-dye project.

We’ll see.

You live, you learn, you paint some grocery bags.


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