Homemade Peanut Butter

It should come as no surprise that I love to make anything that I can at home. It’s less expensive, fresh and you know exactly what is in it. Today I took a crack at homemade peanut butter.

I should include here that this isn’t just some hair brained idea that I came up with on my own. About twenty pins on Pinterest of “Five Minute Peanut Butter” inspired me to give it a go, so I bought a two and a half pound container of roasted peanuts and put them in the pantry awaiting our jar of Jif to run out. Today was that day. Baby M requested a peanut butter, Nutella and banana sandwich for lunch and Baby J had a PB&J. After scraping the last dab of peanut butter from the jar I excitedly yanked out my container of peanuts and my food processor and set to work.

Well let me just tell you that things didn’t exactly go as planned.

For one, the right tool for the job is apparently a food processor but a five cent mini that you bought from a yard sale ten years ago isn’t going to work. I’m just saying. When that didn’t seem to be doing the trick I grabbed out the Nutri Ninja (my favorite little kitchen tool). It took the peanut crumbles and turned them into a neat little peanutty paste but things were pretty much stuck right there. I remember reading that people recommended adding honey or sugar to sweeten it and I thought maybe some maple syrup would sweeten and loosen things up. The paste churned for about four minutes, until I thought the damn machine might blow up and I could faintly smell the motor getting hot. From outside the blender it looked like a smooth butter; I quickly twisted the top off only for the peanut blob to EXPLODE out of the seam and scald my hand.

No change.

All I have is a jar of some weird textured peanut paste. I slathered a little bit on toast and gave it a go, tastes pretty good but the texture is all wrong.

Honestly, I should have known that I didn’t have the right tools for the job when my “five minute peanut butter” took me more than twenty minutes. Here’s to hoping the paste turns itself into butter in the jar that I put it in, otherwise it’s just a little jar of garbage. At least I tried… Maybe one day when I have a nicer food processor I can try this venture out again but unfortunately for now I think I have a big jar of peanuts I need to start eating.

3 thoughts on “Homemade Peanut Butter

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