Good Luck Sicko

Normally the ill take a few days on the couch. Rest, plenty of fluids, a steamy shower and maybe some hot chicken noodle soup. Oh, and naps! Lots and lots of long lasting, undisturbed naps atop fluffy pillows and beneath a cuddly blanket…

But you’re a mom, so quit your complaining and get up off your bum. Mums don’t get to get sick.

Baby M had strep throat, he’s healed up quite nicely now by the way, but my throat is a different story. Why wouldn’t the woman who snuggled up to the sick child get sick? You would think that maybe, just maybe, the germs would step back and kind of “oooh” and “awwww” at the cuddles between mother and child then choose to hit the road and infect no one else. Sorry, I’m delirious and it’s late.

I’m also sick. 

Since I’m sick and also the stay at home mother to three little boys my days have been filled with nothing but relaxation, soup and long bubbly baths with bonbons. Ha! Oh geez, I really need to cut it out with the corny humor tonight.

Sick moms:

  • Scrub floors.
  • Do dishes.
  • Fold laundry.
  • Make lunches and dinner.
  • Clean toilets.
  • Pick up toys.
  • Run errands.
  • Care for everyone and then themselves.

I read something the other day that said “Self care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” and I really think that more people, including myself, should apply this to their daily lives. Aren’t we all just a little bit happier if we do something for ourselves once in a while? I know a hot shower or even a cold lunch can certainly lift me up in the middle of the day.

It’s time for this sick momma to grab a Popsicle and watch some Food Network before bed. Just had some thoughts and bad jokes I wanted to get out before I sleep.

May your sleep be heavy and your dreams be sweet.

Goodnight everyone!

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