Coffee Is A Must

I poured a pot of coffee into my oversized mug this morning and tried my hardest to brush the sleep away from my eyes. If I was good at math or time keeping, which I’m not, I would have to assume that last night I collected no more than three hours of sleep. That’s becoming all too common lately…

The four year old woke up yelling in his sleep, nightmares no doubt, and he woke up this morning around quarter to six yelling about needing a drink of something. The one year old surprisingly slept through all but one of his older brother’s outbursts last night and I’m pretty positive that he lulled himself back to sleep. As for the littlest of my littles, playfully carrying away on his floor mat right now, he didn’t sleep much at all last night. I woke with him around one and again around two, then we spent some more time together at three, four, six and seven.

Even my oversized coffee mug can’t touch the feels I have right now.

I’m trying to convince myself to do nothing today. “Sit on your computer, relax on the couch, the laundry can wait… Who cares if the house is spotless?” It seems almost pointless to bother myself with doing nothing the rest of the day since I’ve already done the dishes, washed the bottles, cleaned the counters and stripped every bed of it’s sheets. I have a craft planned for today too and I’m hoping that it goes as well as it’s intended to. I was thinking of painting the canvas shopping bags that I mentioned in Easy Ways To Go Green (And Stay Green) with the boys. Only if Baby A lets me get three seconds away from him today… You would think he’d want to catch up on sleep but so far today all he’s done is cling to me (not that I mind the extra cuddles). I think I’ve unravelled the problem with Baby M too, he’s got a fever and more than likely an ear infection. He’s prone to them.

I’m not sure how many cups of coffee I’ll end up downing by the end of the day but surely the pot that I’ve already had isn’t enough.

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