A Visit And A Witness

We had our second visit from the Jehovah’s Witnesses today and despite my extreme detest for religion I didn’t have the heart to shoo them away. The women kindly brought a little workbook for me to read to the boys which I wrote the answers we use into and a message on the back that reads:

In our family we are responsible for all of our NMP_1780s_House_Interior_Front_Doorown actions. At the end of the day we are accountable for them and the way that our family feels about them. We believe that the Earth is responsible for it’s own beauty and thank Mother Nature for the rain, the flowers, our food and water. Our eyes are focused on this life with no worries over an ‘after life’. Our morals are derived from a need to respect life and all living things.

If my children should choose religion in their future, we will support them but as of now we teach science and nature here.

I appreciate your kindness and hope you understand, after all, the only difference between us is religion.

Live and let live.

When they come back I will kindly explain that our family is an atheist one and hope that they don’t pass judgement and assume we are without morals. I cannot stress enough to people of faith that being without a religion doesn’t make you a bad person.

  • We answer to each other.
  • We do not rob, or rape, or murder because we know that it is wrong.
  • We will not try to come to your home and change your opinions of religion.
  • We will not demonize you.
  • We still love and live like everybody else.

In addition to all of that I just want to plug in here the fact that I am offended by a “you’re blessed” or a“I will pray for you” or “I will pray for your children” does not make me a bad person. It doesn’t make me rude and it doesn’t make me an asshole. It simply makes me a human being with feelings and opinions that are perhaps different from yours.

To me, saying that I am blessed to have healthy children implies that a woman with a sick child is not or being blessed to have three means someone who cannot even have one is not. I won’t feel like I am being held responsible for the god of your religion cherrypicking who to bless with good fortune. Hearing that you will pray for me feels like an insult, as if by simply existing I am doing something that requires your assistance and hearing that you will pray for my children sounds like you are telling me that you can do something for them that I cannot. Though I’m sure these feelings aren’t what someone of faith would expect someone without to have, it’s a personal feeling and preference that I don’t want to hear it.

If you want to believe that I am blessed or if you want to pray for my family, please keep it in your head and have some respect for our differences.


2 thoughts on “A Visit And A Witness

  1. I feel suspect about ones intention when they say “I will pray for you”. Are they saying it because they think I need a god in my life or are they saying it with good intentions like ” I will keep you in my thoughts”.

    We use to have Jehovah Witnesses come by the house but normally due to our dogs, I wouldn’t bother answering but for the last year or so I have entertained the idea of seeing how long they would stick around if I told them that I was an atheist, I’ve been curious to see what they have to say. But we haven’t had any visits as far as I know.

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    • Our neighbors said they won’t come around to their home because of their dogs, ours is apparently less intimidating because they didn’t mind coming back after seeing her. I’ll have to post a follow up to you with the response I get from them when I out myself as a “non-believer”. 🙂

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