Sleep Well

Just a little goodnight poem for all of the sleepy babies out there.

I’m curious how long you will let me hold you,
Not just tonight, but forever.
You are smiling and laughing, deep in your sleep,
While we cuddle closely together.
Your eyes, they are resting as mine rest on you,
Your breaths are quiet and sweet.
I kiss you countlessly and you’re none the wiser,
Until the morning when our eyes again meet.

My sweet little Baby A is always full of smiles, even when he sleeps. It’s these moments late at night where we sit together just the two of us that I treasure the most with him right now. It’s clear to me that my children are my muse because all of these words came to me just gazing at him. My boys bring out the best in me and, without even knowing it, inspire me every single day.

Goodnight all, sleep well.