Sick On Sunday Night

There’s nothing quite like being comfortable and ready to fall asleep only to be jolted back up by a crying kid. I thought it might be a bad dream, a couple words in his sleep, and I waited it out a moment. No such luck, after the third “ow” I made my way in.

I didn’t take immediate action since I still kind of thought he might be sleep talking but after he started going into details I scooped him up out of bed. Now here I am, laying in bed with a four year old.

First I carried his little bum to the bathroom to get his temperature. A whopping 101.8 degrees, but as scary as that number is I have seen much worse. I checked and rechecked just to be certain since Sir Wiggleworm wasn’t keeping his tongue over the end of the thermometer the whole time but it was right. After a dose of children’s medicine we sat in the bathroom for a little bit and I rocked him back and forth asking him questions.

Does your head hurt?

Do your ears hurt?

How does your throat feel?

Every answer yeilded a higher volume so I stopped asking about how he felt. Not going to lie, late night yelling of any kind has a tendency to test my patience but I continued to remind myself he was only worked up because he doesn’t feel well. And so I rocked him…

Now here we are, snuggled up in bed while I wait for the medicine to bring his fever down. I’m a sap for a sick kid so we’re watching some cartoons and I poured my Gatorade over some ice in his favorite cup. It’s a little bit like the book Ten In The Bed in here because we’ve crammed the both of us plus his favorite stuffed animals under the covers. In this moment he’s explaining the characters of his favorite TV show to me and instructing me not talk back and also not to leave but his temperature is down and I know there’s a sleeping baby in the other room who is going to wake up soon and need me. I also have to turn off the cartoons somehow, or maybe keep them on and trust him to fall asleep anyway.

Some time has passed and his fever is down and he’s sweating a bit, go figure I gave him medicine right before his body started working on cooling him down the natural way. But hey! When my kid is crying in pain I have no shame in giving him a dose of Children’s Motrin or Tylenol. We’re not super medicine-y people but if it’s necessary then it’s necessary.

I’m crossing my fingers that it’s a two hour bug or even just a minor ear infection (we’ve handled plenty of those). I’d hate for all three boys to come down with something, especially with Baby A being so young.

It’s late and tomorrow may be a long day, time for some shut eye. Goodnight and well wishes to all!

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