Avert Your Eyes!

Or don’t. I don’t think I really care anymore.

I have officially breast fed my son in public and I am really proud of myself.

Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t seen the videos floating around the internet of people shaming women for breast feeding in public. Shouting vulgar things at them while they cradle and feed their child. Some women sat silently, accepting the verbal bashing without uttering a word, probably perplexed by some people’s ignorance or not wanting to raise their own voice and disturb their babies. Other women had people who jumped in a stood up for them and some took the opportunity to strike back and willfully point out that they were doing nothing wrong.

After all, breastfeeding in public isn’t illegal.

I watched a video not too long ago and shared it on my own Facebook page with a caption about how I wouldn’t sequester myself and my child to a bathroom stall to feed him but I would probably cover with a blanket.

A week or so ago we took the boys for a walk to the park and I had fed Baby A before we left. Rather than just walk around we stopped at one of the swing sets in the back of the park and let Baby J run around and spend some time on the swings. Of course after we spent quite a bit of time there, Baby A started to fuss and in looking around I realized there wasn’t really anywhere private to feed him. I grabbed his baby blanket and sat down on the playground, covered and started to feed him but even in the shade he seemed like he was much too hot all covered up. So I took off the blanket. There wasn’t anyone around at first but after not too long someone went cruising by, just a woman taking a jog, and here I was obviously exposed feeding our son. Do you know what she did? She made a comment about how nice it was to hear Baby J giggling on the swings.

I feel great that I finally breast fed my son out in the open in a public place and maybe that makes me weird but it was oddly freeing to just sit down and pull out a boob without any care in the world. Not saying that I’ll be jumping into doing it in a restaurant or shopping center anytime soon but you have to start somewhere. I’m thankful to have had a positive first experience with it and that the only bystander seemed to not even notice.

If you have an opinion on public breastfeeding feel free to share it below!

As always, thanks for reading!


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