Mother’s Intuition

Just the other day we had Baby A’s two month check up and he received his first real immunizations since we were in the hospital. Of course we ran through his weight, height and all of the other basics but then there were a few more things to discuss.

Mainly the one big thing that has been bothering me ever since we first brought him home. There are times during the night and sometimes in the day where my sweet little man makes this awful noise (almost like he is gasping for air). I mimicked the sound for the doctor and she told me that he very well could have sleep apnea. This means that there are moments when he is sleeping that he actually stops breathing and the gasping sound is something that he does when he goes to catch his breath. It makes sense! After all his father snores like a truck and his grandfather has sleep apnea and snores like an airplane.

What does any of this have to do with a mother’s intuition?

Well, remember that Snuza that I bought? I have reviewed it twice now, once when I originally got it and felt the immediate relief and once more after using it for over a month every single night. You can see the Official Snuza Review here.

I felt a little silly when I caved in and bought 4c6f046d074a6368a54fdc3a55888e3dthe Snuza because I know there isn’t a moment in the day where I’m not foolishly worrying about something, but even a hopeless worry wart can worry for a good reason sometimes. The Snuza was only supposed to give me peace of mind and now armed with the knowledge that my child could actually be not breathing when he sleeps there’s a sense of justification. I’m hoping that he will grow out of it soon but until he’s much bigger and has gone without that gasping noise for a while, I’ll be keeping the Snuza snug on his waistband.

I’m not sure if I have ever shared this before but either way…

When I was a baby my body wasn’t properly accepting the formula that I was being fed  (something to do with phlegm and high iron content) and it caused large lumps of gross crud to accumulate in my throat. There were a number of nights where my mom got a bad feeling and felt the need to check up on me, only to find me turning blue around the mouth. She not only gave me life but, thanks to her mother’s intuition, she also saved it a number of times.

There is something to be said about those pesky “gut feelings.”

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