Why My Toddler Is Basically A Puppy

Toddlers do a lot of weird things. They try to stick their fingers in electrical outlets and poo their pants, but sometimes I catch myself saying things to Baby J that make me feel like I’m talking to a dog.

  1. “Sit!” – This is probably pretty relatable for a lot of parents. Your little gets up on a chair or the couch and insists on standing, jumping or walking around on it. You see a daredevil sure to break a limb and they see a big cushiony play surface.
  2. “Don’t eat that!” “Don’t eat your ball.” “Don’t eat that rock!” “Don’t eat that fuzzy.” “Get that out of your mouth!” – I could go on for days because if this kid can pick it up he thinks that he can also eat it. I’ve pulled everything from paper to leaves out of his mouth almost on a daily basis.
  3. “Do not bite me!” – This isn’t something I’ve had to say in the last few months or so, but there was a time when this little man would bite you again and again. He would lay his head on your lap and before you knew it CHOMP! He’d be trying to take a bite out of your leg.
  4. “Don’t lick me.” “Don’t lick that.” – Everything from your face to the floor, nothing is safe. Much like a puppy, he explores the world by tasting it. I’ve had to ask him to stop licking the water in the bathtub, the dishwasher and the tables but that isn’t even the half of it.
  5. “No, no.” – All day, everyday. He hears that enough that I’m almost certain he thinks it’s the name of half the things in our house.

Oh! Have I mentioned yet that he’s actually eaten dog food? Not only have I caught him with his hands in the dish and with a piece in his mouth, but when I went to move him away from the dish he grabbed a couple handfuls as if he was trying to continue eating it! Yuck! I swear this boy is the kind of child responsible for the invention of baby gates and outlet covers.

He keeps us on our toes!

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