Birth Control, Working Out, And Child Abuse?

Thursday. Thursday. Thursday. Not really sure how I feel about Thursday.

Had my lady Doctor check up the other day and did the “grown up, responsible” thing and started myself on birth control. Because I am breastfeeding there are less options for what I can use and thanks to a local mommy chat group I am part of I knew exactly what to ask about. So I am taking the micro pill and my body that never takes any kind of medication isn’t 100% pleased with me. I already almost puked twice today..

Unrelated to the whole birth control thing, I didn’t sleep that great last night and I woke up with a hell of a headache. So I have what you might call “no motivation to work out or do house work.” Even still, the garbage is out, the dishes are done and everything is in order. I even powered through a mini-workout with plans for another when this wave of nausea passes. Damn micropill! Of course the benefits of birth control outweigh the minor hiccups in taking it. Our boys do not need a younger sibling, the three of them are just enough!

Another little unrelated item. This morning I came across a video of a woman hollering at a little boy who seemed between the ages of two and three. She was telling him that he was a “bitch” and threatening that he was going to die because she thought he took her phone charger. After watching the video I learned that she was his mother… My heart broke. My eyes are tearring up right now just thinking of the look on his face. He was petrified as she screamed at him, shaking his hands in front of himself telling her “no.” He didn’t look new to the situation and it’s probably happened to him before. Thanks to people sharing the video and notifying police the boy had been removed from her home, which is good but it brought something new to mind. How many children get hollered at like this? How many adults don’t realize how damaging their tantrums can be when they attack their child verbally for any reason?

I just can’t get that boy out of my head and I know that all I can do is hug mine a little closer tonight.

What a weird day. Time for one last little workout before all of my boys wake up.

Any thoughts on the verbally abusive woman? Or any tips on how to curb the nausea from the birth control? Leave them in the comments section below.

As always, thanks for reading!

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