Official Snuza Review

Well, we’ve officially been using our Snuza every single night for about a month and a half. It’s still giving me nightly peace of mind but I have come across one serious flaw.

Like I said after our first night with the Snuza I had a good nights sleep without worry when we used it, and I still have that. In fact I rely so heavily on it for my peace of mind that if I forget it I will un-swaddle Baby A just to clip it to his waistband. However, I will also change him into a onesie and pants for bedtime before I ever grab pajamas.

Why? Well, there is obviously no waistband on a one piece set of pajamas and I refuse to clip the Snuza to his diaper. I have attached it to his diaper twice and it has come off and began beeping twice which woke me up in a heartbroken panic each time. There is no feeling like waking up to a monitor that says your baby isn’t breathing. Luckily they were both false alarms but I won’t be giving the diaper a third chance to strike out. In my opinion the Snuza needs more to clip onto than just a diaper and that’s why I suggest only using the baby’s pants as a place to clip it on.

That being said the Snuza definitely works, not only for peace of mind but also for its intended purpose. It beeps when it senses no motion (like when it falls off!!) and it is loud enough to wake up even a super sleepy mommy. As for all of those adorable pajamas that are no longer being used at bedtime? Don’t pack them away! Pajamas make excellent going out outfits for  a baby. One pair of pajamas is equivalent to a onesie, pants and a pair of socks making it an all in one outfit. It means easier diaper changes, no need to layer on multiple pieces and in the event of a stinky accident an extra pair of pajamas is a quick outfit change.

I mean come on, who’s leading a baby’s best dressed anyhow? No one cares if your baby is in pajamas at the store, they’re way more likely to be bothered by your little one being “that crying baby.”

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