A Lot To Chew

Between two babies, a toddler, my relationship, the house, the blog and attempting to lose some weight there’s a lot going on. It’s a lot to chew but it’s not too much, yet…

I’ve been trying to lose weight, that’s no secret, and I’m already moving towards my goal. Not too much in pounds yet but I’ve been working and sweating my butt off in my midday workouts now. I’ve come up with some tasty low calorie lunches and even made some protein packed snacks and despite dropping the dairy free thing I have been sticking with the almond milk (one, because it’s delicious and two, because it’s lower in calories). So that’s how that’s all going at the moment.

The boys must be able to sense that my energy levels are going up because they have been especially crazy lately. Yesterday Baby J alone burned through four outfits between spittinng out juice and smudging bananas. Baby A has been  quite needy throughout the days but I recently bought a baby sling to help combat that and I love it.

The reason I say “it’s not too much yetis because I’ve clearly been lacking in the blog department lately and I’m going to try and get back at it more often. Adding in a daily workout without limiting family time meant something had to go and unfortunately that was writing. But it has me feeling a little bit unaccomplished at the end of the day because I really enjoy getting my thoughts written out and recording the silly happenings of our lives.

For instance, naughty things that Baby M says… A week or so ago, he went fishing with his uncle and dad. When he grew impatient he looked up to them and said, “these fish are taking their sweet ass time!” Which sounds like something right out of my mouth..oops!

Hopefully I’ll be back soon, until then stay lovely and thanks for reading!!

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