Mother’s Day

All I wanted for Mother’s Day was:

  • A long hot shower. 
  • Half an hour on the couch (undisturbed). 
  • A card. 
  • A little ice cream.
  • A nice, long walk with my family.

So it goes without saying that the fact that I also got a lovely bouquet of flowers and didn’t have to cook dinner was an amazing extra. Not to mention the fact that I bought myself some delicious snacks at a little shop along the lake. Rothschild Buffalo Bleu Cheese dipChocolate Dipping Pretzels and Rothschild Chocolate S’mores dip which you can find on Amazon!

There were a few other surprises throughout the day as well. Like the fact that Baby J decided to climb up onto the living room table and as we all know, what goes up must come down. He hit the ground hard and put his little teeth into his bottom lip hard enough to split it open pretty bad. Fun Fact: if you have a little one who has a bloody mouth for some reason, run a clean washcloth under cold water and then dab it in sugar on one of the corners. Put that corner in their mouth to help give them some relief from the pain and bleeding. The cold helps soothe and the sugar masks the taste of blood while it also helps slow the bleeding.

But Baby J wasn’t the only one throwing curveballs my way yesterday. I had an intense conversation with his older brother about why he wasn’t getting a present for “Mudder’s Day.” We tried to remind him that he was not a mom, not a lady and had no kids but none of that worked so I told him his Mother’s Day present was his life and his two little brothers.

Have I mentioned at all that I gave myself another gift for Mother’s Day? Unwrapped it this morning (figuratively). I put my big butt up on the scale this morning even though I was completely convinced that there’d be no change yet.

Two pounds!

I have already lost two pounds by counting calories, taking walks and doing my silly little workouts while the boys nap. So today I upped the midday workout and I danced for half an hour straight. Crazy, jumpy, all over the place, sweaty, I would never do this in public dancing with the help of my little one year old sidekick.

So yea, Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to of you other mommies out there!

Thanks for reading!

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