Boys Are So Messy

Have you ever walked into your son’s room only to discover that in your absence a level F5 tornado has blown through? I mean, a mess so big that only a destructive force of nature could have possibly caused the whole thing. One of those messes where blocks, stuffed animals, toys you thought they couldn’t even reach have suddenly found a way to cover every inch of their floor… 

That is almost a daily occurrence around here but it doesn’t usually stop with toys. Blankets and pillows come down from the beds, baskets are used as stepping stools to reach other things and once every shelf is empty the shelves themselves are shaken just to be certain nothing more is hiding anywhere. Any given human being who would have seen what I just did would probably commence in one of two immediate reactions:

  1. Pulling out their hair.
  2. Insane and uncontrollable laughter.

Then there is the secret third option that’s actually a combination of both (for me, it was almost both but I chose to walk away). When I say you couldn’t take a single step inside their room, I am not kidding. There were wooden blocks, duplo blocks and mega blocks, stuffed animals, blankets, baby toys, action figures, toy tools, cars and trucks all over the place.

So, for the sake of my sanity, the mess is half way taken care and the boys are down for a nap. I am about to enjoy a nice relaxing lunch followed by a hefty amount of folding laundry.

Here’s to hoping the rest of this day is less messy. 

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