We’ve Been Busy

What with my last post displaying an abundance of crafts you might think I have a lot of spare time. You would, of course, be oh so wrong to make that assumption.

Everyday is a chaotic composition of feeding, washing, changing and entertaining my three ring circus of boys. Plus the doctor’s appointments for Baby A and Baby M’s four year check up. Add in home care, family time and miscellaneous activities and there’s little time to breathe. Anyhow, things are going swimmingly here despite the nonstop crazy that is our family at the moment.

I learned at Baby A’s one month appointment that our doctor’s office doesn’t actually consider a new baby constipated until they haven’t pooped for a bit and the first poo is hard and clumpy. Which means (drumroll please!) I am going to resume eating dairy. Although I may keep buying the almond milk because that stuff is delicious! Should my son develop a serious spitting up issue or his pooping become more problematic I’ll drop the dairy again in a heartbeat but for now..ice cream, butter, milk, chocolate, etc.

Some other things have been going on: a wild and mildly complicated trip to the zoo, I found a couple really cool new apps and the boys had one of the cutest moments of all time the other day. I’ll have to share all these things later on in their own posts because right now I’m going to work on getting some shut eye.


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