I Ran Out Of Pepper

Just the other day I went to the pantry for my pepper container so I could refill the shaker and I ended up using the rest of it. Somehow that very small thing, just running out of pepper, managed to trigger a mega-craft session that stretched over the course of a few days.

The first craft that I did was with the pepper FullSizeRender-4container itself! I totally stole this idea from Pinterest, it’s an idea that I came across a long time ago and never acted on until now.

All you need is an empty spice tin, a flat magnet and glue (or peel and stick magnets, I couldn’t find mine). We had one of those advertisement magnets for somewhere on our fridge so I chopped it in half and used that. I think that it turned out super cute and now I don’t have to keep our pens and dry erase markers in the silverware drawer.



Of course, the before mentioned “mega-craft session” didn’t stop there. On the counter directly next to the refrigerator is my knife block, my plain, boring knife block. I had already considered painting it to give it a little more pizazz but somehow my little pepper tin gave me the push I needed to go ahead and do it. So I cleaned it up, sanded the top layer of wood just to rough it up so it would grab the paint better and went to work.


But wait, there’s more!

IMG_0252A few years ago I bought a couple plain wooden trays from a craft store and painted them in IMG_0251-1some wild colors but I didn’t really like the way that they turned out so I put them away. I never once used them and they never saw the light of day (literally, they were stashed under a bed for three years). Welp, I dug them out and threw a fresh coat of white paint on them, then I sanded around the edges and handles to expose some of the underlying colors and give them an aged look. Now they sit on the dining room table with some picture frames in them, they act as a catch all for little things and as a cute decoration. Plus, should I ever need a serving tray for something they’re actually out and usable now!

Oh! Last but certainly not least I took on a much larger project. Yesterday I went into the boy’s room while they were playing and took all of the basket off of their old toy shelf. Then I grabbed the shelving unit itself and took it out to the living room. My four year old asked me what I was going to do with it and maybe prompted by most recent crafts he asked if I had planned on painting it. I surely did! I really wish that I took a before picture of this shelf before I set to work on it because the transformation is so extreme. Before I put a few hours of painting into this thing it was white all over with some red trim, and there were paint chips out of it and stains from where the wicker baskets had scraped it.


I painted the inside and outside of the shelving unit black and left the toppart white. Then, I took a sponge and some various shades of blue, purple and pink paint and tried my hardest to paint the appearance of a galaxy in the back of each cubby. Then I splattered the back with white paint to create the stars and cleaned up around the edges with some more black. The results…

Baby M woke up from his nap and took one look at the shelf before he said, “Mommy you painted all the stars!” I was so happy that despite how iffy I felt at first about my own paint job, that was all I needed to reassure me that I did a good job. I’m certain that I’ll be crafting more in the near future, especially since my son just told me this morning that he’ll help me with my next painting project. (He helped me paint the white trays). 

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