That’s How The Cookie Crumbles

The cookie, the chips, popcorn and crackers all crumble. Normally about five minutes after I finish vacuuming the entire house.

So far, so good with the whole stay at home mom thing. Every day starts with a big list of things to do around the house on top of taking care of the boys. Every day ends with a finished list and a happy bunch of bandits. I haven’t forgotten to take meat out of the freezer for dinner in days and there hasn’t been an overflowing sink or laundry basket in a couple weeks.

However smoothly things are operating there are, of course, still some little bumps in the road. Today for example, my morning trip to the Keurig for a cup of coffee left me mourning my favorite morning appliance. Damn ants! For some reason the water tank was housing an enormous colony of ants, despite the fact that they literally were not there yesterday. After cleaning the tank and bottom tray I left the machine alone for a bit only to return and see more coming out from the inside. Right in the trash!

No more coffee maker means I’m out of luck for my morning coffee until I get a new one which I can assure you won’t be a Keurig!

As for the title and intro? Well, I’m finding a bit of redundancy in my day to day operations. If I weren’t such a compulsive neat freak I wouldn’t be caught dead in such a mundane and repetitive schedule but dishes, bottles and laundry need to be done. Yesterday I swept, mopped and vacuumed only for Baby J to mash crackers into the rug and throw popcorn all over the floor just minutes later.

Thankfully this is my only real daily obligation, care for my boys and care for the house. Truly, I’m loving it because everything is done  mid-afternoon each day, dinner has been done on time every night and it feels much less stressful around here right now.

I suppose I’ll take the cookie crumbs.