Our Little Chore Chart

This just in! Little kids like having responsibilities.

My four year old regularly helps around the house with little things like putting his dishes in the sink or occupying his little brother. He likes to help with dinner, let the dog out and do other simple tasks as well. Recently, he’s been brushing his own teeth (with a check up after to ensure there are no lingering yuckies) and taking his own laundry to the washer as well. Since he’s getting older and more able I decided to make him a chore chart that mostly consists of taking care of himself but also lists a few additional daily chores.

Of course there are some people who may look at this chore chart and scoff for some reason so let me just put a couple things to bed right now. For starters, he likes to do chores. Not only does he ask to help with things nonstop, he actually gets upset if you don’t let him help. (He also asked his grandma for a vacuum for his birthday). That’s for anyone who thinks it’s wrong to make him do chores and for anyone who thinks that he should have more? He does, they just aren’t daily and even if they are they don’t require being on a chore chart. Like I said, he puts his dishes in the sink, helps take care of the dog, he helps with his brothers, etc.

So then! Here’s my neat little chart that I am sure proud of and Baby M is excited about.

I used the handle side of a diaper box and gave it a quick paint, then glued some popsicle sticks onto the cardboard so that the paper could be tucked up underneath them. I printed clipart images and colored them in and used craft paper to create the flaps. For every chore that he completes he can flip up the paper to hide the picture. The chores he has are to get himself dressed, put his dirty clothes in the hamper or washer, brush his teeth, make his bed, feed the dog and pick up his toys.

I’m hoping that these specific daily chores will help him learn a few really important lessons:

  1. How to take care of himself.
  2. To care for others
  3. To care for his things.
  4. The feeling of accomplishment.

I’ve already managed to avoid my least favorite argument by using this chart. Yesterday morning after a seriously messy play session with his little brother I sent him to work cleaning their room (the one thing he doesn’t like to do). I reminded him about the chore chart and he set right to it!

I”m so excited that he likes it and that it’s working.

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