Three kids in and I’m guilty of still learning new things. I’m not saying that broadening one’s education is ever a bad thing, but ignorance isn’t bliss to a mom who’s trying to do everything right and sometimes you learn things just a little too late.

I’ve got a three week old baby with an upset stomach and some mild constipation. (I say mild because it’s been less than twenty four hours and he’s still peeing, just no poops). Want to take a guess as to why? Milk, specifically my milk that is full of lactose from my dairy packed diet.

There is some information that no one ever fills you in on and that includes that if you have a lactose sensitive baby it isn’t your milk they’re really sensitive to. It’s the dairy that you consume that makes its way into your breast milk. Thanks to an article from Parents about baby constipation I finally know this. See, when my little Baby J was a tiny tot he was sensitive to lactose and never kept anything down until he went on soy based formula. Had I known then that cutting dairy out of my diet could help him I certainly would have done so. Despite the fact that countless people knew he had trouble keeping down even breast milk and all the people who’ve heard the story, no one ever filled me in. Now, Baby A seems to be suffering from the same sensitivity but in a different manner.

Time to say bye bye to ice cream, milk, cheese and all other great things. For the sake of this poor baby’s digestion I have to kick the dairy out of my diet.

Also, if you have a baby suffering from constipation here is an article with helpful information on how to help them go. (Nothing in my post should be mistaken for medical advice, I am not now nor have I ever been a doctor).

2 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. I could be wrong here, but I’m pretty sure breastmilk contains lactose regardless of what the mother consumes. Babies can be sensitive to dairy protein OR to lactose. If they’re sensitive or allergic to dairy, cutting it out of your diet will help. If they’re sensitive or allergic to lactose, nothing you eat or drink will change that. Dairy protein is found in cow products only. Lactose is found in all mammalian milk (I think). Obviously I don’t know which is bothering your kids, if your eldest had to go on soy and couldn’t keep down goat or sheep’s milk formula, for example, then his problem was probably lactose. But if you cut dairy out of your diet and your baby settles then his problem is probably with dairy, not lactose. Hope that makes sense. And obviously check with your doctor or health nurse first and so on. Hope you figure it out, anyway 🙂

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  2. You’re 100% correct!! In fact, I just dug much deeper and found that regardless of what I eat or drink my breast milk will contain the same amount of lactose. After a few days dairy free I noticed a small difference but now we seem to be right back where we started. Ugh! It’s a never ending guessing game..


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