Take A Nap!

Explicit warning. There’s a tired mommy rant coming up and I’m not the least bit ashamed about it.

There are so many reasons that you can give to a child to explain why they need to take a nap. We all know that 99% of those reasons are complete and utter bullshit though. Sorry, but after the amount of patience I suffered losing today I am about to explode with frustration.

Last night Baby A was up a lot with some pretty bad gas and quite upset every time he woke up. With such broken up sleep, today was a two cups of coffee kind of day and I was really looking forward to everything running smoothly. Of course at least one kid had to work against that and honestly… all three of them took turns testing my patience all day long. What really topped it off was Baby J refusing to take a nap despite how tired and fussy he was.

I realized that there is a significant difference between the reasons we give our kids and the real reasons that they take naps.

For instance: we tell them that they’re cranky (and maybe they are) but we probably mean that they’re being total brats and we’re flat out of patience already.

It’ll help you grow,” sounds one million times better than “I’ve repeated myself so many times today that I’m going absolutely batty. No you may not have cartoons and candy for lunch.”

Then there is the ever popular “because I said so,” reasoning that requires a smidgen of finess so that you don’t actually inspire more agrivating outbursts. Even throwing in the fact that they take one every day doesn’t help much as an explanation.

Frankly, despite how tired I was today I didn’t want that time to take my own nap. I simply wanted the hour to do some laundry and watch a tiny bit of TV, but instead I had about five minutes of quiet before the newborn woke up and had to be fed. In the middle of feeding him, the one year old decided to start jumping around and screaming in his crib. My day’s battle became increasingly difficult from that point on and right about now I’m so tired and fed up that if not given half an hour to actually relax I will lose my damn mind.

Nap time is code for Mommy’s mental rebuilding time and without it I will surely fall apart. Also, for the record…never move in anywhere that you will have upstairs neighbors.


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