Unprompted Politics

What happens when you allow your four year old to watch and listen in on politics? 

Very clearly my son isn’t overly involved in politics, or involved at all for that matter. However, with the election coming up and with constant news coverage on the candidates he has become a bit educated on who is who.

I don’t want to get into discussing too much here about my own personal political preferences but I won’t shy away from admitting to being very pro Senator Sanders. Tonight at dinner time, for whatever reason, my son started talking about Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

“Did you know, Bernie Sanders is talking to the people?” he asked. As a Sanders supporter I was proud of the way he worded that, talking to the people is exactly what he’s doing. He then followed up with this…

“Donald Trump gets stuck in bagels… Oh my geez, that’s a crazy thing.”

One can’t be sure what he meant by that, but I’ll tell you that I asked to be certain that’s what he said and he said yes.

Cue the giggles. 

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