Taking It Easy

Of course, me being me, I rushed myself into resuming normal activities. It’s hard not to when you have three children and a household relying on you, but I learned my lesson.

Took a late night trip to the hospital last night and spoke with the women in the maternity department for quite a bit. (Warning: too much information coming up). My postpartum bleeding started phasing out and came back in a couple large gushes. Turns out this was a warning sign from my body telling me to take it easy. Trucking around large loads of laundry and occasionally lifting my nearly thirty pound one year old are apparently a BIG no no. Whereas I thought I was allowed to lift about twenty pounds and do as I please, the “take it easy for two weeks” thing is more serious than I thought and the lifting limit during that two weeks is only ten pounds.

I felt hot, clammy and generally unwell last night. I also had a low fever of 99 degrees and some random abdominal pains. Off to the hospital for a serious reality check. If I don’t stop pushing myself I will likely end up hospitalized and someone else will have to carry 100% of my weight around the house. The way the woman in maternity explained it to me last night was news to me. There is basically an internal scab that I keep reopening every time I push myself too far. Yuck!

Today, I’m guzzling water and taking it easy… Resisting the urge to do any lifting or strenuous activity, I even cancelled the boy’s doctor appointment. I’ll chalk this one up to a learning experience that will hopefully help someone else understand that when the doc says to take it easy, you listen.