I Thought It Was Spring

Surprise, surprise, New York can never seem to stick to the script when it comes to the changing seasons. At almost twenty four I’m used to it but try explaining to a child why winter never came and spring suddenly went away.

All throughout the winter I’ve had a little boy begging to play in snow that wasn’t there. Every time we did get a bit, it seemed to melt overnight. Honestly, I think the boys only got to get out in the snow a few times and there was no sledding and no snowmen…

Now that winter has “come” and gone we broke out the bike and the stroller and packed away our thoughts of winter fun. And of course, the moment we prepare for the warmth, we get hit with snow! So now I have a little boy who is itching to get out and ride his bike or play on the castle and we can’t.

This is something that I can’t even begin to explain to him either. See, my mom and I taught my son about Mother Nature. How the earth has feelings and you need to respect it. I know that sounds like some hippie dippy garbage to some people but I was taught to respect the planet we have and I’m passing that along. Now, for example, when it rains my son asks if Mother Nature is sad and crying. So what does it mean if she gives us sun, then rain, then snow (on repeat)?

I think the weather is confused.

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