Almost Four!

This Saturday, my biggest boy, my oldest little man, the very first little boy to steal my heart and take my breath away is turning four years old. Time has blown by faster than I can even put into words.

My sweet Baby M,

To you, turning four years old means two gummy vitamins a day. It means you can hold up a fourth little finger when telling people your age. It means that you’re even bigger than you were just a few days before.

To me, it means that four years ago my heart grew to a size almost too big to fit in my chest. When I saw your face and held your hand I couldn’t believe that I made something so precious and so perfect, you were the best thing I had ever done with my life (and now you’ve been promoted to the big brother of the other two best things I’ve ever done with my life). I’m amazed with how smart you are already, how loving and kind. Every time I ask you for a hug or a kiss you always come and deliver one. It does my heart good every time you use your manners, a simple “excuse me” is music to my ears and lets me know that you are growing in the right direction.

Almost four years old.

You love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and your Minion watch.
You start every day by climbing into bed to snuggle with me.
You love to play blocks, Play-Doh and toy guns.
At lunch time you really enjoy a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich, “Dad makes them best.”
You are an amazing big brother, so helpful and loving.
Recently you’ve been showing off your imagination by coming up with your own words.
Sometimes we still trade poops for Ring Pops.
You open the refrigerator now and pick out your own juice.
You brush your own teeth and clean yourself up in the bathtub.
You dress yourself (and only need help with your shirt sometimes).
You’re over the moon with excitement about starting school soon.

This year the Easter Bunny brought you the wrong size shoes, because the 7/8s looked way too big to fit your baby feet… But that big bunny was wrong since you seem to be growing much faster than he’d expected.

This year Santa brought you a big boy bike and the first chance we had to ride it you did extremely well. You turned every time you needed to and peddled around the whole block.

Keep growing wild and free little man and know that you will always be my baby. 

I love you to the moon and back. 

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