First Night With The Snuza

As it turns out, you can actually buy peace of mind.

I can admit to being over protective and a total worry wart but I can’t be the only mom who’s constantly checking up on her baby. Night after night I catch myself getting up just to make sure that Baby A is still breathing. Nerves over SIDS have kept me on edge with each of my boys but it wasn’t until recently that I found out I could buy something to help me sleep. No, I’m not talking about Ambien. I’m talking about baby movement monitors.

Baby movement monitors aren’t exactly cheap and I opted for one that was right in the middle of the price scale. After I researched different monitors  and looked over reviews I chose to buy a Snuza Hero. It clips directly onto Baby A’s diaper or pants and keeps track of the rise and fall of his belly. If for some reason there is no movement for fifteen seconds it will vibrate in an attempt to wake him. If there is no movement for twenty seconds an alarm will sound.


I’m so excited to have bought one of these! Although it might not take away 100% of my worries it’s definitely doing a good job of eliminating most of them. I know that my boyfriend thinks I’m a little nutty and in my mothers words “they didn’t have all these fancy things” back when I was a baby but I know they understand. To me it’s more about my child’s safety than my own peace of mind. I considered buying one of these for about a month before I finally took the plunge and spent the money on it. It wasn’t until I laid him down for bed and caught him spitting up and struggling to spit it all out or swallow it that I finally purchased it. That was my breaking moment and now that I have it to use I know that I can feel guilt free about getting some much needed shut eye.

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