The Adjustment Period

Does it make me sound like a bad mom to admit that the first night home is the worst night home? You get so excited to bring home your new baby and then as soon as you do everything seems to hit the fan.

After a couple days of being laid up in a hospital bed coming home seems like a dream come true but actually coming home is a whole new can of worms. First you have to actually get home and after that you have the exciting job of introducing the new baby to his new environment. It’s an amazing feeling but then comes the realization that you still have some obstacles to overcome like introducing the extremely protective dog or the rambunctious boys.

Our pup has done the same thing now for all three boys, for about a week or more she sticks herself right in the middle of everything. She herds the older boys away from the baby and if they’re moving too quickly or wildly around him, she makes a light snapping sound with her teeth. (Make no mistake, she would never bite one of the boys, but she will scare them). Then there is the matter of teaching the boys that there are boundaries as far as what they can and cannot do to “help” or “play with” the baby.  We had to remind Baby M that he can’t touch the baby’s head or give him an abundance of toys and this time around we also have the challenge of teaching a one year old to play nicely (ex: no hitting and no throwing things at the baby). *Insert extremely worried expressions here.* But even with these couple goofy little things there are still even bigger challenges afoot…

My boyfriend went back to work full time this past week, our first week home with the baby, which would have left me in quite the pickle if it didn’t also line up perfectly with his brother’s spring break. Lucky for me I’ve had multiple helpers popping in and out throughout the days since I’m supposed to still be taking it easy and not lifting the nearly thirty pound one year old. Plus there is the whole not sleeping through the night thing. We have a newborn now, who we expect to wake up often, as well as Baby J who still wakes up one to two times every night. The older boys both wake up pretty early each and every day and when you add together all of those things you leave little room for even a broken six hours of sleep.

On the plus side, now that the first week has passed we are adjusting quite nicely. The boys are getting used to having another little one in the house and the dog is somewhat calming down. Baby A has started spending a bit more time awake throughout the day and is therefore sleeping better at night. Despite all of the struggles that come along with the first few nights there is nothing that I enjoy more than my family and things are sure to get easier as time goes by.


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