The New Baby Is Here!

As of March 26th we have had a new little man join our family! 

Friday night (the 25th), I started feeling some pings and pangs but nothing that seemed “rhythmic” enough to be deemed true labor. All night long I woke up with pains that seemed extremely contraction-like and when they were still present after my shower the next morning we went into the hospital. Sure enough, I was two centimeters along! Then it became a matter of trying to speed things up and after about two dozen laps around the maternity floor I finally called it quits on moving around (rechecked and I was only four centimeters!). Somewhere along the way my doctor came in and asked if I wanted my water to be broken, of course he asked mid-contraction and I was more than willing. Something I didn’t know was that when your water breaks at four centimeters every contraction from then on comes with an extraordinary amount of pressure. I posted not that long ago in No Drugs, Please that I thought I might not be getting an epidural this time around either, but I was wrong. Oh, so wrong…

Here I thought that I wasn’t going to be surprised by anything this time around, or at least that it was unlikely. The extreme pressure and pain I felt this time around left me begging for an epidural, literally crying and asking again and again for it. Though I don’t look down on anyone else for getting them I sort of thought that I would be disappointed in myself if I did. Instead I’m actually rather proud of myself for knowing when I hit my limit, not being too proud to admit it and braving a needle to the spine. The epidural brought almost instant relief and my little boy was born to a relaxed momma in a peaceful room at 9:49PM.

Life at home has since been a little (or a lot) hectic with two littles running around and another who can’t even support his own tiny noggin. Although I know we’ll work out a routine that is right for us soon I’m a little nervous right now about being home with three little boys on a regular basis. Only because I know that all of my boys deserve the world and I will have to prioritize my time to make sure that they all get some of it.

I started this post around 10AM, I’m finishing around 1AM typing with one hand, a nursing baby in my arms and a sleepy boyfriend beside me on the couch.

Goodnight, good morning & goodbye!



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