Let’s Take Pictures!

I’m not one to be shy about pulling out my phone or camera to catch a moment so that I can keep it forever. However, I think there are some pretty big moments that are worthy of calling up a photographer and scheduling an appointment to have pictures taken professionally. 

We are super lucky to actually know a few different people who do photography on the side and my absolute favorite is the woman that I’ve called for about half a dozen occasions. Surely with another baby on the way we’ll be calling her even more in the not so distant future. She’s already done Baby M’s first Christmas and one year pictures as well as Baby J’s first Christmas and one year pictures. Now she’s also done our maternity pictures! The wonderful thing about knowing someone who does photography is that they are likely to charge a bit less and you don’t always have to go to a studio. I’ve done pictures in the park, at my parents and other places with my family so our pictures are all very unique and original to us.

Important Occasions:

  • Maternity.
  • Newborn.
  • First big holiday.
  • First birthday.
  • Family pictures.

I must admit that I haven’t done the newborn picture thing just yet and I can’t totally garuntee that I am going to, but I know this is a big one for most people. For Baby M and Baby J I just took pictures of them at home around one month when they were a little more likely to remain calm for an hour. Other than newborn pictures the only one of these occasions that hasn’t been crossed off my list yet is to have family pictures taken! I have hopes to get them done around the time that Baby A is turning one, that way we’ll be able to do his one year pictures at the same time. Considering the fact that I’m done having babies I think that it will be the perfect time to get them done with my boyfriend, my three little bears and, of course, my dog.
She is my first child after all!

Am I missing something? Let me know down below if there are any important occasions for you to get pictures of that I might be missing out on.

Thanks for reading!!

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