I’m Still Here

I know I haven’t been writing all that often as of late but I assure you that I haven’t gone anywhere. You aren’t that lucky! I also haven’t been absent because the baby is here. I am not that lucky!

Honestly, I thought that I would have had more time to write lately seeing as I left work about a week ago. Though there is no paid maternity leave or structured maternity leave at my job, I worked out a scenario with my boss (who is also my brother) where I could leave work a bit before the baby comes. Struggling to get out of bed plus the pain when I walk, sit and stand made me less productive and all around really eager to get out of the office for a bit. In addition to leaving early though, I am also not going back anytime soon. Our family has worked out the numbers and we’ve come to the conclusion that we can afford for me to be a stay at home mom for a little while and I’m really excited about it. It was a really complicated decision for us to make and a lot of things were considered:

  • The cost of childcare for three kids vs. how much I make in a week.
  • Getting three kids and myself ready for the day and still managing to make it to my job (half an hour away) on time every day.
  • The stress of two working parents, three children, a dog and a home to take care of.
  • Being able to afford all of our other bills on a single income.
  • Not letting down my brother who counts on me to manage and run his office.
  • Still having employment when I’m ready to return for work,
  • Spending important bonding time with Baby A and making sure that nothing interferes with him being able to breast feed.

That last one is really important to me, not that the others aren’t but when Baby J was born we couldn’t afford for me to take more than six weeks off of work. He had trouble breast feeding and I felt at fault because even though I pumped at work, my milk supply wasn’t coming in enough. He would be hungry still after a feeding and we started to supplement with formula. Soon everything dried up…

Anyhow, all of these things aside, I’ve spent the last week mostly relaxing because I know there won’t even be two seconds of that for a long time. Time that hasn’t been spent relaxing has been spent with my boys or tidying up the house. Fingers crossed that this little love bird makes his way into our arms sooner than later.

We are eagerly awaiting his arrival!






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