Your Robot Said What?!

It’s a house full of boys and then there’s me. 

If you read my post from the other day (Oh, What A Night) then you might some idea of how noisy and crazy my house can be on any one given night. Well, this post is a compilation of some silly moments over the course of the last few days.

Let’s start with the other night!

Baby M came to grocery store with me to grab a few things. We needed milk, juice for him and his little brother and I also wanted to take a trip down the produce aisle for some snacks. He picked out grapes and clementines. When we returned home I was excited to see if he or Baby J actually liked either of those things so I brought the bag of grapes and a clementine out to the living room. During the trial and error phase of taste testing Baby M looks at his little brother who is thumbing around a small piece of clementine and says to him:

“Eat it or wear it!” which is actually a funny little thing that their uncle says that he decided he was going to repeat. I’m not really 100% positive how one wears a clementine or if Baby J actually understood his older brother, but he tried the clementine and then kept begging for more.

The following day, I was in the kitchen doing something to get myself ready to head off to work, when my toddler came striding into the kitchen holding his one of his toy robots. In all seriousness he looks at me and says:

“Mom, my robot said bitches.”

To be honest, I wasn’t certain what he said to me at first and I asked him to repeat what his robot said. Once I caught on that my three year old just said a curse word a number of times, I snatched his robot away from him and told him that his robot was going into time out. After that we had a short discussion about how that word is a very bad word and if he gets caught saying or “repeating” it again then he’ll be getting a swift spank on the butt and a time out.

Last but not least. The other night we sat down for dinner and were enjoying some yummy treats from a local pizzeria. I was trying to coax out Baby A with some extra spicy food and bought myself a chicken finger sub with hot sauce and banana peppers on it. The boys had pizza and french fries.

After my son had nearly finished all of the pizza on his plate he started to get full and therefore started to get goofy as well. He asked me what would happen if he took the straw from his drink and put it in his ketchup, I rebutted by simply asking him not to do it. I turned back to my own dinner and a moment later looked over in his direction. Don’t you know this little wackadoo had his straw in his ketchup and was drinking ketchup through his straw!! It made me a little bit sick to watch but I can’t deny that it was funny.

That’s all I have for you at the moment but you’re likely to see more and more posts about these little goofballs and their day to day nonsense coming up soon! Big changes are happening around the house that will be giving me a lot more time at home.

Thanks for reading! 






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