DIY Updates

Well, first of all there have been a few changes to the DIY Home Goods page, including the addition of a personal care and crafting section. Now all of your favorite DIY projects of every kind are all neatly tucked away in one place. Check it out!

Laundry Detergent

If you recall correctly, I made an enormous batch of Homemade Laundry Detergent way back in November. The jar held about thirty cups of laundry soap, give or take, I’m really not the best at doing math. One equationDSCN1190 I can map out is that all of the ingredients cost me less than $20.00 out of pocket and I still have laundry detergent left. Meaning that $20.00 worth of detergent has stretched out over the course of five months and I estimate that I have another month or two left until I need to make more. That puts me at a monthly cost of less than $4.00 at the moment. Price isn’t the most important thing here though. Our clothes have maintained the same level of clean as they did with commercial detergents and they no longer take nice long chemical baths. I’m pretty excited about how well this DIY has worked out.

Baby Wipes

I started making my own baby wipes quite some time before I posted my initial step-by-step process onto the site. Nothing has changed IMG_7649for me as far as making the wipes themselves. I still like to use Bounty Select A Size towels, same soap and coconut oil. However, I have since then found that if you shop around you can get some amazing deals on coconut oil itself. I also started buying my paper towels in a much larger quantity to save a little extra money there too. Since I very first started making my own baby wipes and with the added savings of less expensive oil and paper towels, I have probably saved close to $80.00 in less than one year. I did also recently buy a second wipe dispenser so that I can make more wipes at a time which should bring me to only needing to make them about once a month.

Birdseed Ornaments

This isn’t so much of a DIY update as it is a crafting update. I made a lot of these Birdseed Ornaments as gifts around Christmas time and everyone who received them really seemed to like them. That DSCN1236being said, some of the ones I gifted to people were still a tad bit damp when I packaged them and after about two weeks being jammed up in a tin some did start to mold. This is a project I definitely recommend letting dry 100% before you package, do not get impatient like I did! My son and I recently made some more of these to hang up in our own backyard, they still make for an awesome craft to do with little kids and he’s enjoying watching them slowly get eaten away.

That’s all for today. I really just wanted to express how delighted I am that my laundry detergent is still going strong after five months! If you have any questions about these particular DIY projects, leave them in the comments section below and as always…

Thanks for reading!



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