Little Bitty Leek

My level of impatience is growing faster than I can properly put into words. I’m thirty eight weeks and three days pregnant which (at this very moment) leaves less than two weeks until my expected due date on the 27th

I think once you’re this pregnant the whole world just seems to revolve around your giant belly, as if the gravitational pull of your baby is stronger than anything else. Or maybe it’s just me… Right now I am a very mixed bag of emotions! I am impatient to see this little man to the point where I think about it almost all day long, but at the same time I’m extremely nervous about actually going into labor.

Over the weekend we had first leeksbirthday pictures done for Baby J and also had our paternity pictures done. They all came out absolutely amazing and I’m so happy that we did it. Based on my last sonogram I have to assume my little Baby A is a little bit larger than the average bear. Right about now babies tend to weigh in right around 6.8 pounds and are almost 20 inches in length. That’s apparently the size of a leek.

The only thing I can say for myself is that Braxton Hicks contractions and false alarms are happening much more often now. Just yesterday I sat in my office chair for about an hour straight contemplating whether or not I was in labor and of course, I wasn’t.

On Monday my doctor told me that the baby’s heartbeat sounded perfect, which is always extremely reassuring to hear. He also told me that he doesn’t necessarily expect me to go into labor early but that he wouldn’t be surprised if I did. After all I did deliver one little boy three weeks early and one exactly on time. Between doctor’s appointments, pictures, work and home life there has seemed to be an extreme limit on time since this weekend. I have pretty high hopes that this baby is here much sooner than later. (Sorry if I’ve already said that once or twice in this same post, but seriously…get out baby!).

Out of all the reasons that I want this baby to be born the main reason is probably that I’m craving the hospital trip. Not the labor part, the stiff bed or the so-so food but the calm part. The moment after the baby is born, when the room changes from chaotic to calm and they place him into my arms. That first glance at his tiny blue eyes and the look on everyone’s face when they finally see his. I’m so jealous of every woman I know who has recently had their baby and had their moment in the delivery room!

That’s all I’ve got for now. No baby yet!


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