Weird Purchases

When I was younger I used to dream about all of the cool things that my money could buy me once I grew up. Now, at only twenty three, my purchases aren’t as “cool” as I once dreamed but I still get really excited over them. 

Things that I think are cool:

As one might be able to tell, I’m a bit of a nut when0wa it comes to cutting out different chemicals and yucky things from not only my own life but also the lives of my littles and my boyfriend. So when the whole Flint, MI water crisis became so well publicized I decided that even if there wasn’t lead in our water at home it would still be a neat idea to invest in some kind of water filter. Rather than buy a permanent fixture for the apartment I looked into a lot of water pitchers. I compared prices, reviews and overall water quality tests before I bought… A ZeroWater Pitcher! When I bought it I also bought a second filter so that when mine gets gross or stops working as efficiently, I’ll already have a new one. It seems like a really lame thing to get excited about but I haven’t bought a daily bottle of water since and I’ve been drinking way more water lately.

Moving on, Baby J is a rocker and also a bit of a babyhchair sized destroyer. When he is sitting up on the floor, in his high chair or even on someone’s lap he will rock back and forth forever. The only problem with that is that he does it with such force that he has actually popped FIVE screws out of his high chair (which I fixed a number of times). Then he managed to pop off the foot rest somehow and wiggled out a piece that holds the seat forward. Despite countless times of screwing that piece back in he would wiggle it loose again so the chair was now on permanent recline. Fixed that problem by buying a new one. Did you know that you can get a high chair for less than $35.00? Because I didn’t until just the other day when I found this little darling on Amazon. It isn’t super fancy but it’s sturdy and that’s all that counts.

Maybe up until now I haven’t quite lost you yet. dppailA water pitcher that filters out the bad stuff and a new high chair may peak your interest, but even I have to admit that this last thing makes me feel like a real dweeb. Poopy diapers. No one likes to see them and no one likes to smell them, so as normal human beings we buy diaper pails. Well, we broke ours. It wasn’t the diaper pail’s fault and that I will admit. Sometimes at our house we play this game called “how many more diapers can we fit in this thing even though it’s already way too full?” And the answer was…“that was one too many.” For about a month now we’ve had a broken pail that was leaking stink smell into the bathroom and I finally caved and bought a nice, new, beautiful poop holder. It’s the same exact kind that we had before, a Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail, they’re not very expensive and the refill bags are much cheaper than refills for other pails. Plus there is a little container in the top that holds baking soda to absorb the stink. Fun Tip: Mix a little essential oil into the baking soda.

I am aware that I’m lame, so don’t bother telling me so but if you have any questions about these little gems feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Or if you’ve bought anything recently that was a total mom purchase and you love it, let me know!

Thanks for reading!!




2 thoughts on “Weird Purchases

  1. I have a 22-month-old who rocks his high chairs too! We had him in the kind that straps onto a regular dining chair and he would throw his weight backwards until the entire chair moved. He could get from one side of the kitchen to the other :p

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    • We’ve tried both kinds of high chairs and nothing seemed to stop him. This one offers less room for bobbing back and forth though so I think we may have put an end to it!!


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