What A Mess

It is my circus. They are my monkeys.

I found this Polish proverb a year or so ago that said “not my circus, not my monkeys.” and at the time I wasn’t really sure how it applied to my life. Recently though, my mom shared a spin off of that proverb with me that applies in a very obvious way:
“You are a mother. It is your circus and those are your monkeys.”

Tuesday night.

As one can imagine, the shenanigans pulled by two little boys can be outweighed by very few things. Lately, dinner time has become a bit of a hassle and it isn’t without long sits at the dinner table that we manage to get both boys to gobble up their grub. This particular night didn’t stray from the recent struggle and after about forty five minutes we left Baby M to finish his meal alone at the dining table. In this time Baby J had finished up what he had to eat and was roaming around the house getting into this and that. Stiff hips and aching ligaments put me horizontal on the couch and from where I was I could perfectly see my son at the table. Of course, in the moments that I took my eyes away from what he was doing Baby J wandered up to the edge of the table (which he can now get his hands onto) and proceeded to yank his brothers plate to the floor. Roast, potatoes and carrots went absolutely everywhere and seconds after Baby J and our dog were both scavenging for food on the floor (she won out with mostly everything but he managed to snag a potato).

Next ensued further struggles:

  • I had to practically wrestle the baby for the potato he had in his hand, which despite the dog hair he had apparently planned on eating.
  • Baby J, angry about having his potato taken from him, returned to the scene of the crime to grab his brothers plate and ran off with it through the house.
  • Now that the rest of his food had been fed to the dog, the toddler asked if he was allowed to get down from the table and I said “yes,” (you should know that at this point I was exhausted and also somewhat enjoying the hilarity of it all). On his way out of his booster seat, for whatever reason, he flipped around backwards and became genuinely stuck between his seat and the table.

After all of this, the two boys played for a bit and gave their dad and I some snuggles before we read a book and put them to bed. Every night, even one spent in, is always an adventure when you have little boys.

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