Swiss Chard? Nope.

Up until now I have been relying on the My Pregnancy app to tell me how big my baby is and what’s going on in my belly. Yesterday though, I had a sonogram and we all got a little surprise…

I was making jokes before the sonogram about how we were about to find out that our little boy was actually a girl, (that isn’t the big surprise by the way). The whole reason that I was scheduled for a thirty seven week sonogram was because my doctor believed I was measuring a bit too small and wanted to do a little check up on the baby. So here I am, under the impression that the baby is a little thing in there and come to find out he’s already seven pounds and two ounces. Of course this isn’t an exact science and the sonogram tech told us that the weight could vary as much as half a pound in either direction. Either direction. Which means this little bean could be anywhere from six pounds and ten ounces to seven pounds and ten ounces. Each week from here on is supposed to add about half a pound to the baby’s weight and that’s a bit nerve racking, however, I was informed that not only is Baby A head down but he’s currently pointed in the perfect direction. That’s good news.

This week, week thirty seven, begins with the words “your due date is very close now.” As if I wasn’t already panicking about that enough! Babies are not technically considered full term until they are thirty nine weeks and the two weeks between now and then allows swiss-chardtheir brain and lungs to fully mature. However, that being said, Baby M was born at exactly thirty seven weeks and was born 100% healthy. He has no breathing problems and is a very intelligent little boy, so I really see no reason to worry about a baby being born from this point on. At this time, the average little bean is right around 6 1/3 pounds but we’re obviously passed that point. As for length one can expect an average of 19 inches long which is about the length of a stalk of Swiss Chard.

The mommy update isn’t too pretty this week with mention of more (and more uncomfortable) Braxton Hicks contractions as well as some other things… There’s some information in here about what to look out for with mention of the mucus plug and all that jazz (something one should definitely research if they’re having their first baby). Advice to take it easy during the day, mention of extra difficulty sleeping at night and the likelihood of having some really intense dreams seem to contradict each other. (I’m really glad to know that my weird dreams aren’t just me being weird though). 

Other little updates this week are a bit random. At thirty seven weeks, some baby’s already have a good amount of hair (some babies have been born with hair as long as 1 1/2 inches in length). Fingernails are officially extending beyond the fingertips. And lastly, as a baby learns to work his (or her) facial muscles they may be smiling inside the womb.

Not much time left! According to my three year old his little brother is coming this weekend, on the 12th to be exact, but we will see.

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