I Love My Boys

The longest of nights. The toughest of days. The roughest of (my) pregnancies. And there they are throughout thick and thin, always making me smile.

I really need to give some credit where credit is due, not just to my boys but also to their dad. My boyfriend has been my rock through this pregnancy whenever I truly needed him the most. He has given me his shoulder for every cry session whether there was a reason behind it or not. He’s dropped what he’s doing to help me up from the floor more times than I could even attempt to count. I’ve barely had to do dishes or touch the laundry in weeks and on top of all of that he tells me that I’m beautiful and surprises me with flowers just because. ♥ I feel like I should make note of these things, not just as a reminder to myself but also so that my sons know what it means to be devoted to the person that you love. Curtis sets a really good example for them and I hope if they ever explore this blog one day then they will stumble across this post and see that their dad is a wonderful man.

Moving on from the total mushy stuff, I wrote something the other day about all of the silly little things my sons have been doing and soon after it was finished and posted they both went to town with some new acts of goofiness. (You can check out that other post here).

Of course soon after writing that post, my little Baby J was walking around the house with his tippy cup (which he loves) and every few sips he would tip it upside down and shake it. While normally this would make me crazy, juice or milk everywhere, it was just water in his cup so I let him be for a moment. After all, water isn’t going to hurt anything and I was comfortable. Up stomps Baby J to the couch. He was giggling and having a good ole time tipping his cup around and dripping water places when he noticed that a puddle of water was gathering on the couch. Doesn’t this little boy put down his cup and start slurping up the water off of the couch! And it didn’t end there, he proceeded to continue spilling water onto the couch for the purpose of drinking it up.

Then there is my big man, my Baby M. Since our bed is simply a double (or a full) and I’ve been snuggling up to a body pillow every night just to relieve some hip pain, my poor boyfriend has had a horrible time sleeping. Just the other night he woke up and couldn’t get himself back to sleep and I promised him a nap when I got home from work. So, there I was trying to keep the boys quiet in their room while he grabbed a bit of shuteye. We were playing super heroes, blocks and Transformers which, you can probably imagine, kept becoming an extremely loud little game. After about a dozen times of explaining to my son that he needed to pipe down I finally got a bit loud myself and told him he would have to get a time out if he yelled again, his response was priceless. In all seriousness he looked at me and said, “sorry mom, this is a loud game, I’ll just turn the volume down.” Then he put his little hand out into the air and turned an imaginary knob. I was laughing so hard!

Time is creeping closer and closer. After the last week or so I am more convinced than ever that Baby A will be here sooner than later, but I’m trying not to jinx myself or worry myself into labor. I cannot wait to get my life as a mother of three started! It sounds like so much work but the amount of joy I receive from my two little men is about to grow to the joy of three and I’m really quite excited about it!

Twenty days left!!!


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