The Home Stretch

There are only twenty three days (approximately) standing between me and this little boy meeting face to face. Just a few more weeks, but I keep getting the feeling that it might be sooner than that.

When I was pregnant with Baby J I was under the impression that he would be born early, mostly based on the fact that high blood pressure brought Baby M to me three weeks before his due date. So I prepared to go into labor a month before I did. Family flew in from out of state, the house was set up and everything was ready to go. Except for Baby J who didn’t budge until his exact due date which I’ve learned only happens with about five percent of pregnancies. Now here I am, maybe jinxing myself, but I really feel like Baby A is going to show up any day now.

My reasoning isn’t the same as last time. I’m not comparing pregnancies and making assumptions about when he will come based on when his brothers showed up. Instead I’m just listening to the things that my body is screaming at me.

  • For one, my belly seems like it has dropped down in the last few days and with that a heavy feeling has settled into my lower abdomen.
  • The pain I’ve been feeling on my inner thighs (round ligament pain) is getting to the point of damn near excruciating and I’m finding it difficult to walk or even just exist.
  • My heartburn has pretty much subsided as well and this is something that I’ve heard comes along with your baby dropping.
  • Whether they’re Braxton Hicks or not, I’ve been feeling some extreme tummy tightening along with lower abdomen cramps on and off for days on end. It’s actually gotten to the point where I’ve been pulling up the My Pregnancy app on my phone quite often to use the contraction timer.
  • Stabbing pains in the woo-hoo. This tends to happen completely by random and when it does I feel like I nearly jump through the roof. I read up on such a thing and I couldn’t find anything that said this is positively an indicator of labor coming soon. However, I found speculations that the pain is linked to the “thinning of the cervix” which would mean it’s related to labor.

Mix all of these things in with my general discomfort and I’ve been feeling like I’m ready to pop any day now. The only thing that worries me about Baby A coming a few weeks early is what his birth weight would be. Baby M was born at the thirty seven week mark and his birth weight was only six pounds and six ounces. My doctor shared with me on Monday that my belly is measuring a bit small and he wants me to get a sonogram next week to make sure the baby is gaining enough weight. It’s not that I’m dramatically small, I’m obviously pregnant, but my last sonogram was to determine the baby’s gender and he thinks it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just check on him.

So, now add in the worry and stress of an underweight baby that might be coming early to all of the other things that are listed above. Maybe I’m just goofy or maybe this baby really is getting ready to head out of my tum a bit early. Only time will tell…

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