Hey, Cute Kids!

Despite the every day challenges that a nearly four year old and a one year old can throw my way, there isn’t one second of any given day that I wish my life were different. These little boys are darn cute and so hilarious I can’t help myself but to spend a moment sharing some of their recent funnies.

Let’s separate the boys for a moment:

Baby J

My little bitty just recently turned one year old which completely boggled mine and his dad’s brains for days on end. The fact that just a year ago he was this fragile little thing that needed guarding is amazing, especially considering we’re now at a place where things need to be guarded from him. He’s officially learning the meaning of “no, no,” and what it means when Mommy or Daddy threatens him with the words “time out.” That makes day to day life a little bit easier but so do the cabinet and drawer locks in the kitchen. We’ve left one drawer unlocked and full of little plastic doodads and humflums, like rubber spatulas for him to play with, but everything else is untouchable. Unfortunately, learning not to get into certain things doesn’t cover climbing into cupboards, getting up onto the island shelf or squeezing onto the bottom bookshelf. It also doesn’t cover the whole no hitting Mom on the face rule.

Baby J is still the dancing king of our house. Two seconds of any kind of music leaves him shaking his little bottom, moving his hips and waving his arms around. I’ve never seen a baby so happy about music before in my entire life, the way his face lights up is absolutely priceless. Anything from Old McDonald to a commercial jingle makes him dance and he is always adding in new moves (the most recent being a well timed foot stomp).

Baby M

My not so babyish baby who is speeding towards his fourth birthday is always coming up with new things to say or do that get me laughing. Sometimes they’re a little less than appropriate, here’s three recent goofs that I happened to make a note of.

1. One day, completely by random, a small group of us were in the living room when this little rascal looked his Uncle dead in the eyes and said, “I’ll kick the pants off of you!” Of course that warranted a little talking to but the situation itself was so funny that before anyone could say anything about it being a mean thing to say we all enjoyed a good laugh. (He knows that violence isn’t okay FYI).

2. The other night while I was making dinner the boys were both playing in their kitchen drawer and occupying themselves (I love being able to have them in the kitchen with me now that we’re in a bigger apartment). For absolutely no reason while I was making potatoes Baby M started to tell me what reasons there would have to be in order to trade in members of our family. For instance, he told me “we’d have to get a new mom if you were a bad guy and we would have to get a new ‘Baby A’ if he was a zombie.” Despite the strangeness, I suppose I agree that my kids deserve a mom who isn’t a bad guy and I would feel strange about raising a zombie baby who goes “rahhh, rahhh, rahhhh.”

3. The same night as mentioned in weird moment number two… We were sitting down for dinner and as my son was finishing up his food the corn started talking to him. I know I’m supposed to teach him not to play with his food, and I do, but I really enjoyed this dinner theater. He scooped up a spoonful of corn and then proceeded to say, “AHHH! Don’t eat me.” Then he took a bite, completely chewed it up and swallowed it before finishing off the corn with, “OUCH! You ate us!” Too funny.

Hopefully you got a good laugh out of this and I’m not the only one who finds all of this to be downright hilarious. I’m excited to be able to look back and share these goofy moments with my boys years from now.

Thanks for reading!



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