Lettuce Be Happy It’s Almost Over

Yuck! No joke, this week’s baby update comes with some information I could have gone on without knowing. Welcome to week number thirty six!

RomaineFirst of all, the thought of a human being the length of romaine lettuce being all cramped up inside my stomach gives me goosebumps. Here I was thinking that I’m uncomfortable. Can you imagine being all scrunched up in someone’s uterus at this point? My stomach is by no means “small” at the moment but it seems like it isn’t big enough to provide comfort to someone 18 1/2 inches tall. Plus there is no room in there for stretching or wiggling around at this point. On top of being nearly nineteen inches in length, this little head of lettuce is almost six whole pounds and continuing to pack on about an ounce a day (approximately half a pound per week). I did some math recently and realized that both of my boys have fallen right in with the estimated weights and heights for children born at both thirty seven and forty weeks. Which means I am no longer stressing about having a ten pound baby (which is what I weighed in at when I was born — Sorry Mom).

Here’s where things get a little bit icky. Baby A is currently shedding most of his “downy hair” and “vernix caseosa” which is the waxy, goopy stuff that has protected his skin during his time in the womb. After he sheds these things, he then… swallows them “along with other secretions” which form his very first black tarry poop. Yuck! I know that it’s perfectly normal and we’ve literally all been there and done that but that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. (Pun totally intended).

For me? Trouble eating a full meal thanks to a lack of space is likely to set in any time now, but as Baby A drops a bit of relief is sure to come in different places. For instance, I didn’t realize until reading this week’s update that I have had a lot less heartburn lately. I haven’t, however, noticed an “easier time breathing” just yet. In addition to all that, my level of panic is still relatively high from the revelation I had while I was writing Let The Countdown…Continue. Even though I’m over the moon with excitement, I still feel nervous that Baby A will be here in no time. I can’t wait to rest my eyes on his face, I can’t wait to kiss his cheeks and hold his little hands, but nights of no sleep and days of wrangling three children are enough to make me downright scared.

They say that nothing worth having ever comes easy. Despite all of the struggles I have faced throughout this pregnancy I already know that my little Baby A will be worth every second of it. ♥ It’s almost time to meet this little one! 

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