Let The Countdown…Continue

There are four weeks and two days left until Baby A’s predicted date of arrival which translates to just thirty days. I hadn’t thought about it like that until just now. Here I am feeling all bummed out because it seems like I’ll be pregnant for the rest of my life and there’s so little time left! Well, I have some things to do..

First of all, I think I’m going to make a paper chain to countdown the rest of the thirty days I’m supposed to have left. However, I am still keeping my fingers crossed that this little love comes at the very least a couple days early for me.

Second, it’s time to get ready for the weekly doctor’s appointments. At my last appointment I noticed that they scheduled me for the following Monday (next week), which means I’ll be seeing much more of my doctor and his office. I think I’m going to ask him about my belly measurements. I know that they record the size of your stomach every time you come in and I feel like my bump is a bit smaller this time around than it was last time. Which would be pretty strange considering I was still carrying a tiny tire around my waist from being pregnant with Baby J.

We’ve already squared away the game plan for the day or night that I go into labor.
The hospital bag is packed and ready to go.
We know who is carrying for the kids and the dog when we’re away.
I believe I’m mentally prepared for this…

I need to send out thank you cards for Baby J’s birthday that just passed, pack overnight bags for the boys (just in case), get my final blood work done and maybe prepare a little bit more mentally. HOLY SMOKES! Excuse my use of the “caps lock” button but thirty days is much less time than I thought I had. Thirty days. THIRTY days. Oh my goodness, oh my gosh, oh my lanta, oh my, my…

Obviously not all babies come on their actual due date and despite my total sense of being overwhelmed right now I do not want this little boy to hold on and stay in my belly beyond his due date. I’ve had one little boy who came three weeks early and another who came on his predicted date. So somewhere between two weeks from now to six weeks from now I will be holding my third son. I should probably stop writing this before I put myself into labor right now…I cannot calm myself down at the moment.

Okay, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed watching my panic attack unfold.

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